Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tonight's games

Did a freshman and JV game back to back. They were uneventful, except that one of the freshman team's coaches had a voice like Mr. Bill...eerily similar enough that I had to stifle laughs once or twice.

After the second game, I'm bushed, but ready to watch some of the Varsity game. It's a huge game...first place and state-ranked at second-place and chip-on-shoulder. Fun stuff. I get back to the locker room and one of the officials says this to my partner and me:

"Which one of you is closest to a size 10 shoe?"

We both wear twelves.

"Yeah, because I only brought one shoe. (He points at the shoe. It's the left shoe. No right.) Do either of you want to do the game?"

Hell yes, I do. But I'm exhausted, and a game of this magnitude deserves fresh officials. So he puts on my partner's size 12s. Looks a little funny...a little clown-like, a little like he's well-endowed. But he does the game. Good official, good game, wacky shoes.

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