Saturday, February 05, 2005

This dude's a stud

I met a very nice fellow at a party tonight who's doing something extraordinary.

He is planning to travel around the world. Sounds impressive, huh? But wait--there's more. He wants to do it all by human power. He'll bicycle across the land and row--by human power, no sails allowed--across the oceans. Oh, and while he's at it, he'll climb the highest mountain on six human power, of course. It'll take him 7 years. He's already started, biking from Seattle to Alaska to climb Denali, then biking back and all the way to Miami. Now he's back in Seattle preparing for the row that he hopes will take him from Miami past Cuba through the Panama Canal. If the winds don't cooperate, he could hit Cuba and be in a geopolitical mess, or hit Nicaragua instead of Panama, which would necessitate some unplanned bicycling.

Kinda makes my pride at having been to 45 states look silly, no?

I made a point of shaking his hand, as I plan on keeping track of him.

Here's the link to check out his quest.

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