Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Ladies forced to watch and wait...

The #1 seeded alma mater were knocked off in the NCAC finals by #2 seeded Denison.

This gives the interlopers from Granville the guaranteed NCAA Div. III, while the women are hanging in there until tomorrow's announcement of the field of 50. Alas, 39 of the slots are earmarked for 39 conference champions, with 11 set aside for at-large bids...and four of those for conferences not within the 39. So the Ladies' chances of getting one of the seven remaining at-large bids, I'm afraid, aren't that great. There have been enough upsets in conference tournaments that I think the committee, in spite of Kenyon's stellar 22-5 record, will find seven non-champs they'd rather send.

My comments:

1. I've always hated the nickname "Ladies." "Lords" kicks butt, but shouting "Kick their butts! Kill 'em...Ladies..." never felt right.

2. It's amazing how much I can learn by surfing the net for ten minutes at this site. Like that really good schools like Bowdoin, Bates, Williams, and my beloved alma mater have kick-butt women's hoop teams this year.

3. Unrelated: I still don't have the flu in spite of breathing the same air as my ailing fiancee for 5 days and counting. Teaching children is better for the immunity than any damn shot.

4. A week off messes up my sleep schedule so much that it takes weeks of school to recover.

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tommyspoon said...

On a non-controversial sports topic... love that d3hoops site! Very sad to hear that the Ladies didn't make the tourney this year. Robbed they was! Robbed!