Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I wasn't trying to, but...

I have reached my "pipe dream weight" of 185 lbs. That's a 29-pound loss since October. A little scary.

But where the first 20 pounds were simply due to finally exercising (basketball season), the last ten are due to my second crack at an elimination diet. So I'm actually a little bit worried rather than proud. I've got so many damn food allergies that I don't even know what I'm allergic to, and when finally I was faced with (this fact is deleted for the sanity of all readers), my doctor and I decided I needed to work this out. She has banished me to eating mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, applesauce, yogurt, bananas, lean meats, and toast. That's difficult to do. I have added wheat bread, lettuce, black olive, and mustard, simply so I can go to Subway and eat in my school's cafeteria if need be. But I eat popped rice with milk in the morning, a ham sandwich with yogurt for lunch, and my absolutely wonderful honey makes me something nice for dinner (last night: a pork chop with yams sliced thin to make them into home-fry-like deliciousness). A few pounds later, and here I am...

The good news is that I haven't been sick in a while now. If we're very, very careful, and I'm not sick for another couple of weeks, we can add on one food every three days. Ideally, I'll figure out why I get so damn sick so damn often.

At least in time for my Florida trip in April. When I'm on the road, there's little I can do. I mean, Subway is okay for one meal a day, but not three.

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