Sunday, February 27, 2005

I make fun of celebrities' physical appearance.

Part one:

I had some students talking in class recently about Teri Hatcher. A group of boys said that she is quite freaky looking because she has one nostril far bigger than the other. I hit my computer for the internet. The plan was to get a picture of Ms. Hatcher and show the boys that she's actually a fine looking woman, how it's not right to make fun of people for their looks, etc. Well, that didnt' wind up happening, because, by God, check it out...Teri Hatcher has one nostril that is bigger than the other. Far bigger. And now that I know that, I won't ever be able to look at her again.

Part two:

Now that Adam Duritz has shaved the sides of his head but kept the bigness of the hair on top, he looks a hell of a lot like Sideshow Bob with a dye job.


tommyspoon said...

Funny, now that I've viewed that picture, she's more attractive to me. I love the slight imperfections that we all have. Tres sexy...

Your students are obviously insane. Don't tell me it's catching or I'll question the effectiveness of your all-powerful immune system.

Hugh said...

Sounds like a Beastie Boys lyric:

I'm Sideshow Bob with a dye job
I whine with the mic but I ain't no slob.
The Ladies love Adam
Yessiree, madam
The minute I've had 'em, they're on the macadam.
To the streets, to the beats, on your feets,
Ya follow your nose, ya follow my prose, ya listen to my band the Counting Crows, it blows, I knows. . .

Don't quit your day job, Hugh