Sunday, January 09, 2005

A suggestion...

Could someone tell sportswriters/sportscasters/sports experts to review the rules of the game?

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has just suggested that the Chargers made a terrible mistake in Saturday's playoff game by waiting until fourth down to have kicker Nate Kaeding kick the potentially game-winning field goal (which he missed). He said they should have kicked it on third down, and gave this as his reason: "That way, if he misses, he'd have another chance on fourth down."

Stephen? You been taking rules lessons from Maguire and Theismann????


Shannin said...

I caught that one, too. What killed me was that the other 3 didn't correct him!

pankleb said...

Joe T. and Paul M. were absolutely terrible Saturday. It's like they're falling all over each other just to say the most obvious thing ever. Or not to say it. I believe (and perhaps my memory's toast here, but the same thing happened early in the USC-Oklahoma game) one of them blabbed on and on about what a great pass play it was, "This is what made the play work," etc., and no one happened to point out the WIDE OPEN receiver was being shadowed by a crummy DB who ... lost his footing, leaving the receiver WIDE OPEN. Yes, absolutely genius play, perfect execution, thanks for not pointing out the number one reason why the play worked.