Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Progress or backsliding?

Tonight--two very good JV teams; this game was the quality of some Varsity games. I felt like partner and I had a good first half...smooth, nicely put together. At some point in the third quarter things started to go in the wrong direction. There were several ugly-looking shot-block attempts where the player came in and sorta LUNGED at the ball...but each time, the ugly-looking challenge got all ball. So no call, but lots of chirpy coaches. I had to tell one of them, who seemed to be a nice enough guy otherwise, that I was done listening to him. (Showed him my palm, the international sign for "Enough!") It got to where I was thinking of calling a foul or two on ugly all-ball challenges just to get them to stop.

But here's the big deal. It was very close late in the game, and I wasn't even a little bit nervous. In the olden days, I would have been very worked up late in a close game, but not this one. Green trailed by two and had the ball with eleven seconds left. I was trail, which meant I had the all-important task of figuring out whether the last shot by Green was before or after the buzzer. Shot goes up with two seconds left. No good. Green rebounds. Shot goes up...and...FOULED IN THE ACT OF SHOOTING! White gave her a shoulder-push. Not much, but enough that I couldn't ignore it! Clock reads all zeroes, but shot (and foul, although that part doesn't matter, since the shooter is protected until she hits the ground regardless of when time runs out) was before time runs out. Two shots for green after the buzzer. Players are all cleared out. Green...misses the first shot. The second shot is irrelevant, and therefore not taken. Game over. Sad for the kid who misses.

Point here: I made the ballsy, gutsy call late. Didn't wither. And I wasn't nervous. That's gotta be worth something. I'll take that with the third-quarter challenges and move on.

The gym was so hot that I swore I lost two pounds during the game. I was curious enough that I weighed myself when I got back. I gained two pounds instead. I guess that running around in sauna-like gyms adds pounds. Who knew?


Hugh said...

Wow, that situation is almost a duplicate of what happened in the IU-Purdue game on Saturday. IU up by one with .9 secs left in the first OT, Marshall Strickland (IU) at the line. He makes the first one, IU up by two. If he intentionally misses the second, Purdue will not have enough time to get it down the court, and that's the ball game. Strickland tries to miss it and MAKES THE SHOT. Purdue gets it out of bounds with 0.9 seconds. They throw it down the court to a guy under the basket. The ball doesn't leave his hands before 0.0, but he is fouled, and gets continuation. So the shot counts, and he has an untimed free throw to win the game. Which he misses. IU goes on to win in 2 OT.

The original call was good, but the Big Ten on Monday says the call was bad, and gives a completely whacked out rationale for why he should have gotten the points.

TeacherRefPoet said...


I didn't see the IU/Purdue game, but the Big Ten explanation appeared to be in line with the rules. What in the explanation did you find awry?