Monday, January 31, 2005

Here's a poem I encountered yesterday

and like a lot. The spacing, I'm afraid, is off...I can't master the "tab" function yet...the indentation should be staggered, with the first line left-justified, the second five spaces in, and the third ten spaces in (then repeat). Enjoy.

Trying to Make Music

A poet is trying to make music
out of the tumult of the dictionary.

--Boris Pasternak

Getting the right words in the right order
Is everyone’s problem, but trying to make music
At the same time (and often having to turn
And shut your mouth for a moment
At the end of what you imagine is the end
Of a line) is a poet’s burden. All around you
And even inside your head the giggling and shouting
Go on and on, the deliberate misquotations
From someone you can’t remember and don’t want to,
And even if angels or that grizzly hag, your muse,
Were to dictate directly, clearly soto voce
A perfect poem into your earhole,
The signature would seem wrong. The key would seem wrong.
And along the mildewed corridors
And high through the tiers of the echoing madhouse
You call your native tongue, you would hear
The catcalls, the snide cackling, the whispering
From cell to cell at the same time as the Voice
Of the loudspeaker is babbling something crucial
And the chorus of tone-deaf guards is bellowing
Lock-down and Body Search! Silence and Lights Out!

--David Wagoner

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Joe said...

"Tabs" in HTML are distinctly not easy to do. There's undoubtedly a way to do them with style sheets, which, as of yet, I don't know.

The default hack is an HTML code called a "non-breaking space". Basically, for each space you want to appear, you type " " (no quotes and that funny-looking thing at the front is an ampersand. So

     Is everyone's problem

comes out
     Is everyone's problem.

It's a pain, but it's what I know how to do. "Learn CSS" has been on my to-do list for at least 4 years with almost no discernable progress.