Saturday, January 22, 2005

Expanding the Presidential field

In the comments from the Pierce/Simone/Goodwin presidential race entry, Joe points out that Otter Stratton is in the race. So Jeremy Goodwin has had a nervous breakdown and has returned home to Natalie, who rather than nursing him back to health, is being annoyed with him (in a perky sort of way).

But with Joshua Malina out and Tim Matheson in, we're left with many excellent possibilities for a 3-man race. I invite you to play a multiple-choice political game with the following:

CANDIDATE A: Hawkeye Pierce, George Plimpton, the US President from Canadian Bacon, or William Wants A Doll

CANDIDATE B: Bobby Simone, Chicago Drug Lord Julio Gonzalez, Victor Sifuentes, The Cisco Kid

CANDIDATE C: Otter Stratton, Pontius Pilate, Jonny Quest

Of those, I insist Bobby Simone is the best candidate, but that Candidate A has the best list of choices.

BEST CHOICE: Plimpton vs. Simone vs. Quest
WORST CHOICE: Wants A Doll vs. Gonzalez vs. Pilate

WORST JOB: Campaign manager for Pontius Pilate. (Mr. Pilate, do you have anything in your past that may come back to haunt you during this campaign?)

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