Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dumber than Paul Maguire?

My baby is watching the new version of The Apprentice, and there's a guy who has said something Maguire-esque.

When not shouting "Watch!" or "Lookit!", Maguire has many times said something that makes me laugh (at, not with). He announces that a team should go for the juggler. As in "Right here, on this drive, they really need to go for the juggler!" Which leads my brother to get very upset. It's hard enough to keep all those balls in the air without people going after you. Leave the juggler alone!

But Brian, on the "high school" team for The Apprentice, said this of his opposition:

"They're going to be cut by the juggler!"

Two observations:

1. Perhaps the juggler is juggling knives, and not very good at it.


2. This guy is dumber than Paul Maguire becaue, as my baby points out, even if "juggler" were replaced with the correct "jugular," the sentence still doesn't make a lick of sense.

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