Thursday, January 13, 2005

Alphabetical Music Quiz

My favorite radio station is playing all of its music library (well, the stuff it ordinarily plays) in alphabetical order by title. They do this annually, and I love it. I LOVE guessing what comes next! More than that, I love guessing right. Let's see if you can get some of the ones I got. I'll give you the title of a song, and you guess what song (or, in some cases, songs) came next.

(If you need help with the station's adult contemporary format, here is the link to the station.) Remember that this will be slanted a little towards older songs, since they're playing everything.

"Bears," Lyle Lovett.
I guessed the next one.
I should have guessed the second one, too. Can you get them?

The announcer says: "That's the end of the I's. We'll start the J's after this."
I got the next two! Very proud of this.

"Steppin' Out," Joe Jackson.
I got the next one, but only because they gave me the artist. (HINT: It's the title song of my least-favorite album by one of my four favorite musicians.)

"Under Pressure," Queen/David Bowie.
I got the next one.
Never would have gotten the next one, but you can guess it if you want.

Answers will be posted to comments after the weekend.


TeacherRefPoet said...

Well, none of you got it right. We'll give the prize among a random drawing of all entrants. I get the prize.

Here they are:

"Bears," Lyle Lovett
"Beast of Burden," Rolling Stones
"Beautiful Day," U2

Start of J's:

"Jack and Diane," John Mellencamp unless it was still Cougar
"Jackie Wilson Said," Van Morrison

"Steppin' Out," Joe Jackson
"Still Crazy After All These Years," Paul Simon
(The DJ pointed out that songs that start with the word "still" tend to be depressing.")

"Under Pressure," Queen/David Bowie
"Under the Bridge," Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Under the Milky Way," The Church

Joe said...

OK, I had answers and failed to post them in time. Actually, most of the good guesses are Alison's.

Missed Beast of Burden; got Beautiful Day. Depending on format and alphabetization, I was going to guess "The Beat Goes On." Alison nominated "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera, but we both hope your favorite radio station doesn't own any of her stuff.

Alison got "Jack and Diane". I was stuck on "Jump" by Van Halen and working backwards.

Got "Under the Milky Way" (and was very proud of myself for it). Alison nominated "Under the Boardwalk".