Monday, December 06, 2004

Tonight's game

Had a helluva good return to varsity ball tonight. Yelled almost never and hung in there for a fairly tough blowout game. Partner and I called it tight (down the stretch especially)...didn't want the frustrated kids to lash out. Not a peep from either coach...even the one who lost by 24 after trailing by as many as 40. Game took a long time. Felt good.

Then, the evaluator arrived.

HIM: I didn't like your call selection. It impeded the flow of the game.
ME: Huh. Thanks for letting me know. What call did you notice this on?
HIM: Hunh?
ME: Can you give me an example of a call like that?
HIM: Well, you know, a call that goes against the flow of the game.
ME: I understand. When did I make a call like that? I'd like to know so I can work on it.
HIM: Well, like when there's a rebound, and two players get a little tangled up away from the ball, but there's a fast break, and you call the thing away from the ball.
ME: I don't remember doing that.
HIM: Well, that didn't really happen.
ME: Oh. OK, can you give me an example of something I called tonight?
HIM: Gee. Hmmm. Well, just work on that.
ME: (nothing)

Plus, the evaluator misinterpreted two rules...he wanted a closely guarded count on a dribble (nonexistent in girls' hoop) and block/charge, which he simply had wrong.

HIM: I thought the player was moving backward at contact. Should have been a block.
ME: Hmm. I thought she had established legal position before moving back.
HIM: But she was moving.
ME: Yes, I saw that, but thought she had position first.
HIM: So, if she was moving after getting position, what's the call?
ME: Player control foul. Charge.
HIM: (silence).

I screwed up though...I simply should have said nothing to him. "Thank you sir, may I have another!" I effusively thanked him for his feedback, and I hope that was enough to make it look like I wasn't confrontational. I won't make this mistake again. But then, next season, I'll likely ask not to have this evaluator again.

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