Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A blowout this evening...

but I am BACK!!!! Tonight was my first time in The Zone since my return. Athletes talk about it...that place where all of the world outside the game disappears, and their whole world becomes the movements, challenges, and nuances of the game. Refs have that too. I knew how much I loved doing this, but I've forgotten how good it feels. I LOVE being completely physically challenged (these little shits tonight really kept running the ball up the floor!), intellectually challenged (constantly solving puzzles on the fly), and interpersonally challenged (how do you address an emotionally charged situation?) AT THE SAME TIME.

The visiting team tonight was Our Lady of Perpetual Toe Jam. The parents from OLPTJ are known to be simply terrible. They were quite during our game tonight. Their team jumped out to a 12-2 lead and was never challenged...and their new coach is a genuinely nice guy and good communicator, and since the #1 factor in the atmosphere in a gym is the coach's behavior, I think things are going to get better than they've been. Still, they hit a little bit of a new low tonight. The guy I was sitting next to while I evaluated the JV game did some of the usual grumbling, and was, as most fans are, usually blissfully ignorant of what officials do. My partner arrived during the first quarter of the JV game and this parent, loud enough for us to hear, turned to his wife and said "Oh! That's the same official we had on Friday night! He was AWFUL!!!"

Who the hell thinks this is reasonable adult behavior?

But whatever. It was AWESOME. My nerves completely melted away almost right after the jump. I still have to work on not yelling--my vocal cords are a little raw again--but that will come with time.

And no, I won't be posting about every game.


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