Sunday, November 28, 2004

Watching the Broncos play in the snow

I have much affection for Denver and environs, as I grew up there. I can't say I spend a lot of time missing it, however. It's not that I dislike Colorado--on the contrary, I love those dry craggy mountains and that Western laid-backness. It's just that I like here better.

But tonight, Denver and (evil, awful, slimy, bank-robbing) Oakland are playing a majorly fun football game in a driving, sideways snowstorm. This has brought me a very rare bout of Colorado homesickness. Geez, do I miss that kind of snow and cold. The grey and temperate climate here does absolutely nothing to confirm I'm alive. Colorado's weather reminded me I existed almost all the time, especially the winters. The Broncos and Al Davis's Evil Henchmen aren't just slogging it out in the snow with off-tackle plays, either. They're throwing deep, and successfully. This game is as full of wacky, fun plays as a Madden video game, with loads of interceptions and long touchdowns. Football as fun as it can fun that not even ESPN's crew can ruin fun as it was when I was a kid.

I loved going out into the snow and playing football. My buddies and I used to play every New Year's Eve at my friend Peter's house, from about 5th grade until I decided I'd rather be with girls on New Year's (for the record, this realization came about 9:30 PM on 12/31/1986...11th grade). We'd put on hundreds of layers of clothing, direct every light we could find into the backyard, and have our own little bowl game. On another occasion, eighth grade or so, I remember playing on our junior high's field one cold snowy day, throwing deep to my friend Ian Sneed on the game's final play to pull out a 28-21 win over Peter and Joe. I just threw as hard as I could and slipped while I threw...but apparently the slip was providential, as the ball fell right over Ian's shoulder.

Oakland's Ronald Curry just celebrated his incredible one-handed TD catch by making a snow angel in the end zone. Apparently I'm not the only one who likes playing in the snow a little bit better than in normal weather.

I haven't been home since May 2002. I won't be able to head back this summer--the time and money will be taken up with my wedding. Maybe next summer I'll take my baby down there--show her the Rockies, where she's never been. Or maybe over the winter...we can hang in the snow and do some cross-country skiing, although the altitude will probably kill me after eight years away. This game makes it clear--I've got to get back, ideally soon. It's time to do a little Colorado recharging.

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Shannin said...

I love watching the game in Denver -- even the game in New England -- outdoors, inclimate weather. I hate domes (and you know I am in the land of the worst dome ever -- now that the King Dome is gone) and wish the Vikes played outside, although my husband might have a different outlook....